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- Your de-cluttering and organising professional

Children’s Bedroom Make Over

How it began……

The assessment

 This bedroom is occupied by two young girls, it is used for sleeping, playing, clothes storage and too many toys…… mostly cuddly ones.


I discussed with the client the desire she was heading towards, what she didn’t like and what wasn’t working.

What did they want to use the room for?
Was anything broken that needed fixing?
Did she want a new colour scheme? What was their dream out come?

Yes we spoke about what they didn’t like, but they also pointed out things they DID like, this was important  too.


After our consultation I was set to work on how I was going to achieve everything my client wanted.

Aim of the objective

The biggest change I had to make was to allow room for a new arrival of a baby, giving it space for a cot, changing area and clothes storage. This meant moving furniture and reducing the amount of toys in the room.

We needed to use existing furniture more efficiently and purchase new items for what we had left. I wanted to add hooks, shelves and a book-case for reading material and DVDs that we’re becoming damaged in their current home.

With the use of measurements I could rearrange the furniture and give everything a clean as I go………… I got stuck in.


After taking measurements I rearranged the furniture and disposed of unwanted toys to family members and charities. There was a large unit within the room that although was big did not serve any purpose to us, that was dismantled and thrown away.


The baby already had a cot waiting
but with nothing else I went searching for inspiration and managed to purchase a second-hand John Lewis changing unit from http://www.gumtree.com and with a bowl of soapy water i cleaned it up like new.


I added pink baskets for nappies, socks, bibs etc. My handy man put up a shelf unit which was ideal for blankets and baby clothes. The baby now had their own area of the room.


The girls had a wardrobe each which I placed beside their beds, added coat hangers , hooks and baskets inside to make full use of the space.


Buying a bookcase locally from http://www.ebay.co.uk I was able to paint the piece to match the colour scheme and was perfect for storing books, DVDs and even a lamp stand giving them the new opportunity of a reading area.


For the remaining toys , under bed storage on wheels and large plastic boxes were used to store them neatly in organised categories.


This project was completed in 8 hours and a few additional hours were spent outside of the house picking up new furniture,  accessories and delivering unwanted items to the charity shop.

Finishing touches

Pink ,white and Hello Kitty was the theme in this room and we wanted to keep it that way, so I gave it a fresh look with new linen,  hung up frames and a clock that had been getting dusty in the corner. A rug was placed on the uncarpeted floor to add warmth.


With the curtains being so dark it made the room feel smaller so with some simple matching tie backs I pulled them open and decorated the window sill with precious ornaments.


I Finally I placed a cuddly toy on the girls pillow to welcome them into their new room. When revealed to the family I explained how to keep it tidy and this gave the girls an understanding that a baby was on its way.

This page is dedicated to our beautiful precious Violet Louise Norris.

Boys Dinosaur Bedroom

This room belongs to  a 4-year-old little boy who loves dinosaurs. We had dinosaurs everywhere and it was clear we had to keep this the theme. A boys dinosaur bedroom adventure.

We began with his wardrobe, discarding clothes that were too small and putting the larger ones at the back for when he was older.image

Please click on the link below for dinosaur bedroom items


Unloved cuddly toys were donated and ones with sentimental attachment were put into a netted basket.

imageThe client informed me of what the childs interests are , in this case it was books. Not playing with anything else we chose to put all his trains and bricks away turning it into a reading area, laying down a dinosaur blanket, cushions, and his favorite cuddly toys. We put a book-case against the wall so the child could sit in comfort with his teddies (dinosaurs). imageWe organised his socks and underwear throwing away small ones and unpacking new ones.

Dinosaur bedroom ideas click to check out more designs


image We didn’t need to add any furniture to this dinosaur bedroom as everything already had a place, it just wasn’t being used efficiently. imageThis room took 2 half hours with myself and the client working together and the child now had a tidy less cluttered space to play and read.image

With the use of my interior designer we were able to paint a dinosaur mural on the wall.

If your interested in our wall mural design team please contact me.

Wardrobe Clear Out

We all have wardrobes full of clothes that are too big, too small and brand new with the labels still on.
They are just squashed tightly on the rail getting creased. I recommend you have a Wardrobe Clear Out every six months, due to season changes its always helpful to have a winter and summer collection. I store my clothes in the loft using plastic laundry bags. If you have time give them a rinse before storage, this helps keep them fresh.

Click on the link below to see the laundry bags I use to store my off-season clothes.



imageBecoming pregnant is a particular time when you HAVE to review your wardrobe. This is why my client called me. She needed help with her wardrobe clear out. She wanted to bring out old clothes and look at what she had worn in the last six months and what she no longer wanted. imageTogether we started by adding an extra support on the rail as it was starting to bow with the weight of clothes, then found a  space to work on, in this instant we used the bed. We pulled out everything that was in the space and sorted through it deciding whether she was going to donate, keep or simply throw away. In this case we donated one black sack to charity, one given to a family member and the rest she wanted to sell.imageMy client and her partner both shared the wardrobe, so we had to consider space for both, we used a box in the wardrobe that had bits and bobs in and decided to keep precious hand bags within it. Everyday used handbags were hung on a hook system on back of the door for easy access. imageThe remaining items were hung back in the wardrobe in sections of work clothes, maternity and shoes stored in base of the wardrobe. At the top she wanted to keep good shoes in shoe boxes, this was a perfect place to store them. By getting rid of so much we were left with extra space which we filled up with clothes that were being stored in the babies room. They were now pleased to have cleared space for their new baby and have more options on what to wear in the mornings. With the money made from selling their old clothes and shoes the mum-to-be was able to buy some new maternity jeans.

Good luck with your wardrobe clear out!

Halloween party planning

halloween party planning,pinterest

Halloween party planning made easy

A Halloween party is  full of excitement and fun but for the host it could be a daunting and expensive task, unless your like me and can’t wait to get stuck in. There are plenty of things to think about like when you should start preparing. This is why I have set out a Halloween party plan and check list to help you organise and make the whole process more enjoyable.image
Find an hour over the next few days when your family is all together,  brain storm ideas about the date, theme, venue etc
Here are some questions you can all answer together .


What date will the party be held on ?

When Halloween party planning…

the date should be chosen when you know everyone is going to be around, ideally we want it on 31st October but maybe a week either side could still work. Weekends are always best as most people are not working and children do not have school. Decide on a start and finish time of the party.

Where is the venue?

If money isn’t a concern you can hire out many halls and venues locally but better get booking, this time of year gets pretty busy. Those on a budget are most likely  to have it within their homes and extend it into the garden for larger numbers.


Who are going to invite and how?

Now you have a venue, is the party just for family or are you inviting your whole fb friends list.  Knowing how many people fit in your chosen venue can help you choose who you want to invite. How are you going to invite them , send them an email? social network post? or be creative and send your homemade invitations out in the post. What ever you chose don’t forget to mention all the details and if there is a theme. Always over invite there will be many things happening to celebration this one night of the year so understand some people may not be able to attend.

Are you going to serve food to your guests?

You could serve a buffet, a sit down dinner or ask your guests to bring a little something with them and have an array to share. This year I’m going to warm up the BBQ and serve jacket potatoes, burgers and sausages. If you decide to have a sit down meal with your close family, find a few recipes for a starter, main and dessert . This can be found onlineimage or in your cookery books, simply prepare it like a dinner party but with a theme. I think you could be more creative with a buffet, catering for all tastes and people don’t all have to sit down together, most people will pick at it throughout the evening. For more food ideas please scroll down to food options or  check out my menu and food ideas.

Halloween party planning food ideas pinterest.https://uk.pinterest.com/swuph20/halloween-food-ideas/


Will your party have a theme?

Having a theme can actually make things a little easier when deciding on what to wear and recipes to use. Anything from scary clowns to horror movies are great ways to make an impact. If children are attending be wary not to frighten them too much …;)

Will you play music?image

Are you going to have party music playing or a selection of scary music in the background, obviously this depends what mood you’re trying to set. Make up a play list but make sure it is long enough for the whole evening .

Ok now you have answers those questions, allow me to make some suggestions…


Food and drink

imageIf you are making the food make sure the recipes could be easily assembled and even be prepared and frozen, you still need time to get you outfit on! Place any orders to bakery’s or other supplies if you are having outside help. If guests are bringing food let them know what, and mix it all up a little . Purchase wine and non alcoholic drinks and set up a bar area. You can’t really have a Halloween party without a punch.  It’s a cheap way for your guest to have a drink and looks great. Here are some punch recipes… Pinterest ttps://uk.pinterest.com/swuph20/halloween-punch/ ... A Week before the party you could prepare some foods and freeze them until the night before to slow down the rush on the day.  Display sweets and lollies in jars for the little ones, catering for them will help parents to relax a little more. Halloween is mostly associated with sweet things so don’t forget your desserts. https://uk.pinterest.com/swuph20/halloween-desserts/  Don’t run out of food we don’t want hungry guests.! To decorate your table,  label all the food with creepy looking labels and name the food something spooky. Spaghetti (worms) yeah? Oh and an ice bucket…

Halloween party planning Cocktails could be a great activities for your guests..https://uk.pinterest.com/swuph20/halloween-cocktails/


Chosing your decorations is the really fun part, obviously if you’re having a theme finding ideas will be useful but let’s face it anything spooky, crawly and gruesome works. You can buy decorations fairly cheap from Asda, pound shops,  but if you have children at home get them to join in and make it an activity .https://uk.pinterest.com/swuph20/halloween-decorations/ . Black and orange balloons , pumpkin lanterns, displaying children’s scary pictures, these all add to the design. Why don’t you change the light bulbs in the house to blue or red this will really set the mood.



Music maybe enough at your party but if you want to add a twist then take a look at these..

  • A costume contest is great for encouraging people to make that extra bit of effort in what they wear, meaning more blood and more make up.
  • A pumpkin hunt either inside the house or garden .During the day hide pumpkins around the setting and send your guest to find them. This year I’m asking everyone to bring a torch and their wellies, looking forward to sending them off into the dark .
  • Apple bobbing that’s easy Halloween.

Halloween party planning games. https://uk.pinterest.com/swuph20/halloween-games/


Make sure you have seating for your guests, hay bails can make great seating for outdoor parties. If it’s cold use patio heaters and indoors you may want a dance area. Put those special ornaments away accidents do happen.  Tidy up the house a little the night before, no one wants to be stepping over your laundry. If you have children attending maybe a sleep area would be appropriate   for little ones who just can’t dance anymore.



This party doesn’t have to be powered  by booze or set you back hundreds to be successful , with good planning, ideas and entertainment everything will fall in to place. So now enjoy planning your party whatever you have in mind.


Please share your ideas with me and help add to this list.

Click here for a halloween party check list


Happy spooking!!

Voila… Halloween party planning made easy!!!

Recognize the signs…know when to de-clutter


Recognise the signs…know when to de-clutter

  • The dining table is so cluttered it can’t be used.image
  • All the drawers are so full that they inflate like hot air balloons when they’re opened.
  • The kitchen work tops are covered in ‘stuff’.
  • The hallway has piles of shoes,bags and debris.
  • The beds are covered in discarded clothes/book/magazines.
  • There are DVD that haven’t been watched in 2 years.
  • There are more than three garments in your wardrobe that haven’t been worn in the last two years.
  • Visitors are greeted with ‘lovely to see you excuse the mess’.
If your house applies to three or more of these things, your home is screaming out for help.

Send me an email lets talk it through!

Bottle bracelet holder

imageBottle Bracelet Holders

Bands , bangles, beads and bracelets……are they clogging up your jewellery box?

This is a fun way to display your items using an old glass recycled bottle. Lets face it we have glass containers waiting to be thrown out (come on ladies wine bottles ??? ) Well why don’t you use them to store and display your collection of jewels. Having travelled widely i have accumulated hundreds, mostly made of string but a memory all the same. There really isn’t anything to it.

Three  simple steps……image

  • Clean the glass and remove the label 
  • Place wrist accessories on the bottle 
  • Display anywhere

DONE!……the result is unique.

 Different size bottles and colours can be used  to integrate within your colour scheme.

I left the french label on mine to give it character in my travel themed bedroom…..

you could even fill the bottle with water and exhibit a flower arrangement.

imageGood luck!

Back to school morning routine

Back to school morning routine

imageGetting them out the door on time!

The night before

Not everything has to be done in the morning, but that doesn’t mean they have to sleep in their uniform. Pack their bags, lay out their clothes, set the breakfast table and prepare their lunch. This could save you up to 20 minutes or longer, thats extra time spent at the breakfast table socialing with the family… get my drift??


Do not allow time for television, toys or distractions when getting ready for school, they could become involved and this makes it harder to leave the house… Getting easier??

Routine charts

For younger children who can’t read, using a visual chart with pictures can help with the fun of rountine and other daily activities. If you don’t feel creative enough to make one yourself, they are easily downloadable from the internet. See link below


Keep calm

However manic your morning is, try your best not to loose your temper, shouting and shrieking will only anger yourself and you will have less of a reaction from your child. Keep  calm, maintain eye contact, a firm voice and warnings of time, you want child to leave home and arrive at school in a good mood. They will then be ready to learn and not think about  the early morning riot… simple!

Don’t forget

If you tend to forget things most mornings (including your children!) aside from your child getting told off at school, you then have to run around dropping lunches and so on into the office. A school items check list is the perfect tool for reminding you of all the essentials, this could be for PE kits, letters, permission slips etc. Placing this in the area of exit will jog your memory before you step out the door. over time this will become habit and save you time, stress and worry. Don’t forget it’s also your child’s responsibility too, so don’t be afraid to encourage them to remember THIER THINGS.

Other tips

1. Get older children an alarm clock to help with competence.

2.Put a low hook system up so THEY can hang up their coats and bag.

3. Stagger wake up times for mulitple children to avoid the rush of doing everything at once.